Air Crash - 1932 City of Delhi

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CITY OF DELHI, 1932. The City of Basra was carrying mail on the first regular service to the U.K. that left Cape Town on 27 January 1932, but while taxiing got a wheel stuck in soft earth on the runway and was damaged. The mail was then transferred to the City of Delhi but that encountered a violent storm and was forced to land in a swamp 50 miles from Broken Hill, Rhodesia. Aircraft were sent out in search of the City of Delhi and a ground party reached it on 1st February. The mail was sent by native bearers to Broken Hill where it was put on the City of Baghdad for the flight to London. An interesting cover that needed three flights to get to its destination due to two damaged planes. This cover from Cape Town (27 JAN) was sent to Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia where it received an arrival backstamp of 4 FEB 32, 8 days after its’ departure.