Air Crash - 1944, Falsterbo, Sweden

Ref: G4101
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SWEDEN. The Lufthansa Focke Wulf FW 200 en route from Berlin to Stockholm via Malmo left Berlin on schedule at 09:10 and the last radio contact was at 10:19. It was very cloudy and when the plane got closer to the Swedish coast the captain decided to go down below the clouds. When he came down below the clouds he was just above a German patrol boat. The crew on board the patrol boat thought they were being attacked by an enemy plane and opened fire. The airplane caught fire and crashed into the sea 2-3 km south of Måkläppen near Falsterbo, killing all 10 passengers and crew. This cover from St Gallen, Switzerland to Stockholm, censored in Germany, has had the stamps washed off in the incident and has the Swedish explanatory label applied. This translates to: This item has been damaged by water in the crash of the airplane on the route Berlin-Stockholm near Falsterbo 29 November 1944. Stamps have in some cases fallen off ‘.