Air Crash - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Ref: G5241
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1956 KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA The Cordova Airlines flight from Anchorage to Seward left Anchorage International Airport at 09.05 on April 9th. The flight plan was Anchorage to Seward via Skilak Lake, a 45 minute flight. Witnesses saw the airplane flying southeast toward Seward, heard it circle Upper Russian Lake and saw it pass them again flying west-northwest at 0951. On April 10 the wreckage was reported on the south slope of an unnamed mountain east of Skilak Lake at an elevation of approximately 3,000 feet. The aircraft was
destroyed and the pilot and five passengers were killed. Recovered mail received a two line cachet 'DAMAGED IN HANDLING / IN THE POSTAL SERVICE.' Sanford states only two covers have been recorded. A very rare air crash cover. (Sanford Ref. 560409)