Air Crash - Malmo, Sweden

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1934” SMÄLAND”, ÄLMHULT, SWEDEN. , On the evening of 6 July 1934 the plane, a new and very modern American Northrop “Gamma” airplane, left Stockholm on its first flight from Stockholm to Hannover. As on most “first flights” the pilot was ABA’s chief-pilot Karl Gunnar Lindner. On board were also a radio operator and a mechanic. Shortly after take-off the plane began to vibrate. The pilot decided to land on the Malmslätt airfield to check the plane. As no problems were found the plane took off again. The mechanic stayed at the airfield. About 400 km from Stockholm the vibrations increased so much that the plane was impossible to control. Lindner and his radio operator jumped by parachute. The plane crashed and burst into flames. This cover from Turku, Finland, has, along with virtually all the recovered mail, been badly burned. Although going to London, the cover has an explanatory label written in French that was attached by a paperclip. A very uncommon air crash cover.