Bahrain / Saudi Arabia

Ref: A3893
  • £1275.00

1941 censored cover sent registered to Philadelphia, USA, that originated in Ojair, Hassa, Saudi Arabia, but entering the postal system in Bahrain where it has had a ½ A, 2 As, 12 AS and 2 Rs Bahrain stamps affixed and cancelled BAHRAIN 19 MAY 1941. On the front of the cover is a boxed ‘NOT OPENED BY CENSOR’ cachet but it was subsequently opened and resealed with tape that has been stapled to the cover. Hawaii JUN 15 transit and Philadelphia JUN 19 41 arrival cancels are on the back. After the bombing of Dhahram by Italian planes in October 1940, mail to Europe and the USA from the eastern province of Hassa was sometimes sent via Bahrain. Mainly all that mail originated from the CASOC staff in Al Khobar. Mail from Ojair is exceptionally rare.