Boer War / Bechuanaland

Ref: K3847
  • £1350.00

1900 envelope to London endorsed ‘Free / On Active Service / Rhodesia Regiment’, with a CROCODILE POOLS 16 APR 00 datestamp. A ‘T’ tax mark was applied but then crossed out. Bulawayo 22 APR and London MY 25 00 cancels are on the back, and a London Paid cancel is on the front. The Rhodesia Regiment was part of the force being built up to relieve Mafeking under Col. Plumer. They were at Fort Tuli from October 1899 until moving to Crocodile Pools in January 1900. The Rhodesia Regiment was formed in late 1899 after the outbreak of the Boer War and was disbanded in 1900 shortly after the relief of Mafeking. A rare cover from the Rhodesia Regiment during their time in Crocodile Pools.