Boer War - Swaziland

Ref: G3817
  • £550.00

SWAZILAND. 1901 cover from the ‘Wood’ correspondence to England, endorsed at the top ‘No stamps obtainable in Swaziland’ that has a FIELD POST OFFICE ‘15’ AP 31 01 cancellation. A London 18 MY 01 receiving cancel is on the cover. This F.P.O. cancel was used by the 10th Brigade as a mobile cancel between 13.1.00 to 1.5.01. Wood was a Lieutenant in the 18th Hussars Regiment that entered Swaziland on 5 March 1901 with the intention of
driving the Boers into the low country where their horses would suffer from
horse sickness!! They received support from Chief Umchelinga, his men
scouting for the Regiment, the British attacking the Boers and winning a
couple of successful engagements (which was probably the reason the Boers
burnt Bremersdorp to the ground). A very fine and rare cover from this
campaign in Swaziland, British troops being there for only a very short time.