Boer War

Ref: G3800
  • £90.00

A magnificent 1902 ‘Pass’ for Mr. W. H. Parsons to travel from Cape Town to Ashton, Robertson and Worcester, departing 3 April and returning on the 2nd May. On the front of the pass is the Handstamp of the Officer in Charge of the Railways, dated 2 April and then Cape Town Railway Permit Office handstamps for 5, 12 and 19 April. On the back are Permit Office Paarl, 3 & 23 April, Police Station Paarl, 3 April, Resident Magistrates Office, Somerset West 9 April, Police Offices Stellenbosch 14 April, District Commandant Worcester 16 April as well as a manuscript ‘Reported at Wellington Police Station’ 7 April. What one had to do to travel in the Cape in early 1902 !! The pass is a bit fragile and having been folded a lot has a couple of pieces starting to separate and has had hinges re-enforcing it. A remarkable item that shows what one had to do to travel then.