Boer War

Ref: G3855
  • £250.00

1900 censored cover from Captain Duncan, 1st Gloucester Regiment, who was captured at Nicholson’s Nek, outside Ladysmith on 29 October 1899. He was held at the State Model School in Pretoria after his capture. This camp was for officers only, and then on 16th March 1900 was moved to the Birdcage Camp at Daspoort. The cover to Margate, England, has a 2½d stamp cancelled PRETORIA 27 AP 00. A violet ‘Gezien / Censor 26 APR 1900’ cachet is on the front of the cover. On the back is a Margate MY 25 00 arrival cancel. A little roughly opened at the top, but a fine P.O.W. cover from this camp, which was taken by the English on 5 June 1900.