Boer War

Ref: G3862
  • £85.00

1901 censored cover to Standerton with a G.B. 1d lilac tied by an ARMY POST OFFICE T.P.O. EAST (No. 1) DE 29 (01) cancel. Although the ‘No. 1’ does not appear, this cancel has the stops after ‘T. & P.’ whereas the ‘T.P.O. EAST No 2’ does not have stops. The cover has a Komatiepoort censor strike on the front, on the back are Army Post Office Watervaal Onder DE 29 01 and Pietermaritzburg 2 JA 02 transit cancels. This T.P.O. was used on the railway line between Komatiepoort and Watervaal Onder between April 1901 and April 1902. An uncommon item.