British East Africa

Ref: K4012
  • £950.00

1896 double rate cover to London with a pair of 2a.6p tied by MOMBASA 27 FE 1896 squared circle cancels. The letter would have travelled on the S.S. Goa that arrived in Aden on 9 March. A London 23 MR 96 arrival c.d.s. is on the back. This letter was sent by Miss Edith Furley from the Missionary Society at Mengo. The stamps would have been affixed at Mombasa and charged to the Missions
account there. Miss Furley was one of the first party of five Church Missionary
Society ladies to arrive in Uganda. A former nurse, she was placed in charge of
baptism, teacher training and confirmation classes at Mengo, a village on the
northern shores of Lake Victoria. A fine and scarce double rate cover from this
Mission Station. Ex Rossiter and Minns.