British Guiana

Ref: G5595
  • £175.00

1937 ‘Girl Pat’ label on a cover to England tied by a two line red ‘Returned from “Girl Pat” / as Illegal Mail. The English trawler ‘Girl Pat’ arrived at the River Demerara and was arrested by the police. It remained in Georgetown until a new crew arrived from England to take her back. A few weeks prior to the ship’s return to England a local printer was approached and made labels as a souvenir that would be sold for 6d each to help raise money for the expenses of the trip. The idea was that these labels would be affixed to the envelopes and sail back on the ‘Girl Pat’ and on arrival in England a 1½d stamp would then be added to pay the UK inland rate. The ‘mail’ was confiscated when it was pointed out that the ship did not have a license to carry mail. The labels were then stamped with the ‘Returned from “Girl Pat” h/s and returned to the senders. Usual gum disturbance around the label and other cover faults as usually found on ‘Girl Pat’ envelopes.