Ref: G3279
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1916 cover and original letter to NEVIS written on January 1 1916 from ‘Lat 5° N - Long 11° E (about). This would have put his position near the town of Banengo in the north west of the country. The letter went to IBI where it entered the postal system and was cancelled IBI NORTHERN NIGERIA 26 JA 16. It arrived in Nevis on April 17 16 where it was backstamped. The cover has the coat-of-arms of the Border Regt. 10th (Service) Battalion. The letter contains an incredible account of his time in the Cameroon. He gives a description of his daily routine. “3 a.m break camp, 4a.m. 700 in all of which 300 are carriers, we march ‘til 7.30, then breakfast. Advance again 8.30, march ‘til about 2 p.m. with 10 minute intervals. There are so many delays that only 10 – 15 miles a day is actually accomplished. On arrival the position is strongly entrenched and prepared for attack. This takes another 4 hours and knock off at 5 or 6 by which time the servants (all officers have 3) have built a grass hut, made your bed, cooked a light meal and got your bath ready etc. Dinner at 8, then turn in.” He also goes on to graphically describe what the Germans (who he says as frightfully cruel) do to Bush natives, who they make carry for them, if they escape.
A magnificent and extremely rare account of life in the Cameroon bush chasing the Germans. Very few can exist, and the fact that this cover is going to Nevis must make it unique.