Cape of Good Hope Korana Campaign

Ref: A4351
  • £2450.00

1878 Korana Campaign stampless cover to Cape Town, with an endorsement ‘P.A.O.C.V Artillery, Special Service, Northern Border’ (Prince Alfred’s Own Colonial Volunteer Artillery). A signature of the Commanding Officer is in the lower left corner. The cover has a KENHART NO 29 1878 dispatch cancel and Cape Town and Wynberg DE 5 1878 arrival cancels. On the back is a Carnarvon DE 1 78 transit cancel. In the 1870’s a prolonged drought forced White settlers and Coloured farmers, as well as the Korana, to move closer to the Gariep River. Such a conglomeration of herds made it easy for Korana 'raider' groups to prey on the herds, and their activities aroused the ire of the district. Klaas Lukas, who was initially neutral, gathered together 1,000-armed men to defend their livestock. His supporters included the majority of the Korana, the Nama Afrikanders led by Jacobus Afrikander, and a number of Griqua rebels under Gamka Pienaar. A military force was dispatched to the Orange River and after many months the Korana 'raider' groups were defeated and came under the control of the Cape Government. An exceptionally rare cover from this campaign, believed one of only two known.