G B Used Abroad - Chile / Panama

Ref: P5191
  • £1250.00

CHILE / PANAMA. 1866 cover to Berlin, Germany that was mailed from Chile with a 10c stamp added but not cancelled. It was probably put on a ship and only entered the postal service when it reached Panama. A strip of three 9d lettered h E – H G and a pair od 1d’s Plate 88 pay the 2/5d rate, the stamps all cancelled by barred C 35 obliterators of Panama. A three line PANAMA / 20 NO
1866 / TRANSIT h/s, a red PD and a London 15 DE 66 transit cancel are all on the front of the cover. On the back is a 17.12.66 arrival c.d.s. A rare cover with this franking, the 9d straw seldom seen on covers from Panama. Holcombe cert.