Great Britain - Mail from a Thailand

Ref: G3328
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MAIL FROM A P.O.W. IN THAILAND. 1943 Japanese Prisoner of War Letter Card to England from Gunner J. Beurrier, being held at the notorious No. 1 Camp at Kanu on the Thailand – Burma Railway. The card has been pre-printed on the back – the writer being instructed to delete the messages that do not apply. They are: I am interned in …, My health is excellent. I am ill in hospital. I am working for pay. I am not working. In this case the ‘I am ill in hospital’ and ‘I am not working’ have been excised. The card has been censored by both the Japanese and the British. On the front are markings that read ‘Censored’, ‘Thai Prisoner of War Camp’, ‘Prisoner of War Post’ and Postcard’. The writer, Jack Beurrier was captured in Malaya and interned in Changi P.O.W. Camp in Singapore before being transferred to No. 1 Camp in Thailand. A rare card from this horrific camp.