India Postal Incident

Ref: K3610
  • £1375.00

1936 cover to England, endorsed 'Air Mail' with a boxed 'EVEREST, 1936,' with 'Camp 1, 1.6.36'. in manuscript. The cover has a label affixed to the back explaining the delay in reaching its' destination. The label states 'Suffered detention in Gangtok post office owing to the Postmaster's failure to affix postage stamps and to forward them in time. The postmaster has been sent to jail for his offence'. Mail was carried down to Gangtok from the camps where expedition members were based prior to trying to ascend Mount Everest and other mountains in the area. The Postmaster was keeping the money sent to pay the postage and either destroyed or hid the mail. A 1/12 manuscript date on the front would indicate that there was a 6 month delay before the cover reached its' destination. The cover is a little charred around the edges probably from the Postmaster trying to burn it. A rare and desirable item, very few being recorded.