Ref: G3214
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1942 multiple censored cover sent registered 'AV2' air mail to Liverpool with a 25 Fils on 1 Anna, two 75 Fils and a 5 and 50 Fils, all cancelled BAGHDAD 1 FEB 42. The cover has been censored in Iraq, twice by the British authorities and again in Palestine. Markings on the front include m/s blue crayon 'AV2', and in pencil 'No such street Liverpool, England.' A boxed 'Return to Sender' cachet is on the front of the cover, on the back are numerous transit cancels including Tel Aviv 8 FE, Haifa 9 FE, London 14 FE, New York 20 FE and Baghdad 17 JUN 42 after it was returned. An interesting cover !!