Ref: GW3711
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1941 censored cover to KINANGOP with a red straight line ‘On Active Service’ cachet and a red ‘Passed By Military Censor No. 41’ cachet. Also on the front of the cover are strikes of the scarce blue E. A. A. P. S. ‘7’ 27 JAN 1941. This datestamp was at LOKIAUNG and only opened from 20 January 1941 to 6 February 1941. The cover was sent from Hugo Raven Yorke-Davies of the Kenya Regiment to the family farm at Kinangop at the foot of the Aberdare Mountains. This Regiment, besides being a fighting force were also seconded to other visiting forces because of their local knowledge. In this case they were part of the 25th E. A. Brigade, comprised of Kings African Rifles and South African troops under General Brink (of South Africa) They were waiting to advance into Italian East Africa (Ethiopian sector) A very scarce cover.