Natural Disaster - San Francisco Earthquake

Ref: A3803
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SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE. 1906 cover along with the original two page letter from a soldier in the National Guard, endorsed ‘Soldiers’ Letter’ and sent free of charge to Evansville, Indiana, with a SAN FRANCISCO AP 25 1906 machine cancellation. For a limited time after the earthquake all mail was sent free of charge. The earthquake struck at 5.12 a.m. on April 18. Up to 3000 people were killed and 80% of the City destroyed. The letter says “I was sent down with my regiment of National Guard, to S. Frisco to take charge of property & police the city, as it is under martial law …. The situation is very bad and thousands of people penniless and homeless …The trains and boats are loaded with refugees moving out as the city is in ruins …” A superb and extremely rare cover and letter from a soldier who was sent there.