Ref: G3858
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1944 censored stampless Japanese naval postal card with the anchor and chrysanthemum written by Hikoichiro Sato, U68 U234-12 (??? ??????? ), to his parents in Japan, arriving there on 1st February 1945. U68 was Nauru Island, U234 was (Naval) 67th Guard Force, which served in Nauru from 15 February 1943 to 2 September 1945, and the ‘12’ was a subdivision of this unit. The card has been marked Gunji Yubin’ (???? =Military Mail). Censored by ‘Ogawa’(?? ). The writer says “I’m sorry for not writing you so long. Please allow me. I suppose that you all are working in fine as ever. Owing to you, I’m serving for military duty. Please don’t worry about me. I suppose that it’s getting cooler in Japan. According to the news of Japan, the climate in Japan is nice this year. I suppose that you’ll have good harvest. Congratulations from ‘??’, distant place. You may be suffered that workers can’t be found, may not? I wish you all may be in good health and be happy from ‘??’, distant place. Good-bye. Hikoichi”.” A few minor faults but a very scarce card from Nauru.