New Zealand

Ref: G3723
  • £650.00

1868 envelope to Otahuhu, endorsed ‘Consignee’s Letter, per “Margret”’ with three 1d’s paying a 1½ oz Inland Provincial letter rate cancelled by DUNEDIN SP 25 68 duplex cancels. An Otahuhu OCT 8 68 arrival cancel is on the front. On the back is an Auckland OC 7 transit cancel. Consignee’s mail was normally conveyed by either the Captain or Purser of a sailing ship transporting the goods or merchandise in question. In this case the goods would have been carried on the ‘Margaret’ and the letter posted at Dunedin Post Office and carried on the same vessel between Dunedin and Auckland. A rare consignee’s letter with only about 7 or 8 recorded.