Northern Nigeria - Badibo Enclave

Ref: G3283
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1903 stampless cover from the FRENCH ENCLAVE AT BADIBO addressed to France and signed at the lower left ‘Le Sergent Ct l’enclave de Padjibo, Collin’. A NORTHERN NIGERIA MY 14 1903 datestamp is on the front of the cover, applied at Jebba where to cover would have entered the postal system. An Etain 10 JUN arrival cancel is on the back. The Badjibo enclave was located at the confluence of the Niger River with the much smaller Doko River, about 36km upstream from Jebba and downstream from the Boussa rapids. It consisted of a small parcel of land in the shape of a parallelogram, with a waterfront of 400m and a depth of 200m, opposite the village of Badjibo, and was designated for the storing and unloading of goods. Lease terms were determined by agreements signed on May 20 1903 with an annual rental of one franc a year. The agreement was reached in the context of the Entente Cordial between the two countries, ending a period of tension and competition over territories in Africa, and based on the principle of freedom of navigation along the length of the Niger. Very little use was made of the enclave and it was soon abandoned. A very fine and exceptionally rare cover, possibly unique.