Northern Nigeria

Ref: G3290
  • £350.00

1899 campaign cover to London endorsed ‘On Special Service: No stamps procurable. I H Howe Lt. W.A.F.F. Boussa. The cover has been taxed, with a 1d / 620 h/s applied at Plymouth and a blue crayon ‘T’ 2d. On the back is a violet boxed POST OFFICE BURUTU 13 JUN 1899 datestamp. A London JY 10 99 arrival cancel on the back. Due to rivalry and hostilities between the British and the French in the northern part of Northern Nigeria, the West African Frontier Force was deployed in the area between Illo, Yashikera and Boussa. On the Niger River, Boussa became an important town for staging counter measures against the French, and was actually occupied by the French between February 1897 and mid 1898. Incredibly, this cover only entered the postal system at Burutu, over 320 miles to the south. A very fine cover from this campaign in the far north of Northern Nigeria.