Postal Incidents - Buried Mail

Ref: A3617
Very Rare
  • £7500.00

BURIED MAIL. 1914 picture post card of the German Cruiser “Gneisenau” written by a sailor on board the ship, with a MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. 22, 5. 8. 14 datestamp. The card has an explanatory label attached giving the explanation for the long 9 year delay. When War broke out in August 1914 the cruiser “Gneisenau” was in Ponape along with other ships of the German Pacific Fleet. They decided to sail to Chile and raid the west coast of South America. Before sailing mail was offloaded from the “Gneisenau” and buried under an alter at a Mission Station at Ponape. It was not until 1923 that the few recovered pieces were dug up and delivered to Germany. One of the rarest items from the German Colonies and in remarkably good condition considering it was buried for 9 years! 2003 Ronald F Steuer certificate.