Ref: G4483L
  • £1100.00

1914 cover to Sydney endorsed ‘via Pago Pago’, with a pair of German 5pf overprinted G.R.I. ½d (both with minor defects) tied by a German APIA (SAMOA) 11.9.14. canceller. A red manuscript ‘Passed by Censor / N.Z.E.F. / HFH Lt. (Lieutenant H F Harlock who was probably the writer of this envelope). A Sydney SP 21 1914 arrival roller cancel is on the back. The Allies took German Samoa on 29 / 30th August 1914. Dick Burgess states the first ‘Passed By Censor’ handstamp is known used from 13 September 1914. He also states “covers are known censored in manuscript”. A very rare early censored cover from Samoa. B.P.A. certificate.