Ship Incident - S S Angkor

Ref: G4998
  • £450.00

S S ANGKOR. 1923 cover to Saigon from France that was on the S S Angkor which sailed from Marseilles bound for Haiphong, via Yokoyama, when a fire broke out in No. 3 hold on 15th October at Perim Island approaching the Red Sea. Attempts were made to extinguish the fire but it was only when it arrived at Djibouti were they finally able to extinguish the fire. This cover that was damaged by both fire and water has a pink label attached explaining the damage. On arrival in Saigon on 2 November, the cover was taxed with a bisected French 50c stamp. These bisects are only found on covers from the Angkor. This is the cover illustrated in Hoggarth & Gwynn’s Maritime Disaster Mail. Usual faults as found on wreck covers, but a fine example of this particular incident.