Ship Incident - S.S. Britannic

Ref: K3870
  • £675.00

A fire broke out in the No. 4 hold on the S.S. Britannic of the Cunard Steamship Company, at 10.45 a.m on April 23rd while sailed from New York to Liverpool. It is thought the fire broke out in one of the mail bags. The fire was extinguished by 4.45 p.m. later that day, but not before damaging all the cargo in the hold. Only two postal items are known to have survived, both with the stamps washed off. Both of these are going to Ireland. This Radio Card to Dublin from Covington KY. Has the three line cachet ‘DAMAGED BY (FIRE) / AND SEA WATER / ON SS. BRITTANIC’. Note the incorrect spelling of ‘Britannic’. A rare item from this incident, and a great card for any 'cat' collector!