Ship Incident - S S Imperator 1919

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‘S.S. IMPERATOR’ 1919. The 52,022 ton Steamship ‘Imperator’ was originally owned by the North German Lloyd Steamship Co. but after the War was handed over to the British as part of the war reparation. Sometime during her voyage across the Atlantic in December 1919 appalling weather (described in the New York Times as ‘the stormiest voyage in sailors memory’) caused the hold carrying the mail to become flooded. Little else is known about the incident, but due to the very bad weather conditions, the journey across the Atlantic took 10 days, far longer than the normal 6 or 7. The mail to Europe received different cachets, depending on where the final destination was. All the mail that has received cachets was damaged by water, badly enough that the stamps have been washed off on nearly all the known surviving mail. This cover from Alliance Canada has a two line ‘DAMAGED BY IMMERSION /IN SEA WATER’ (Hogarth & Gwynn type 3)