Ship Incident - S S Johan de Witt

Ref: G5006
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S S JOHAN de WITT. 1929 cover from Bandoeng, Java (28.5.29) to Tilburg, Holland, that arrived in Genoa en route on June 22nd. While unloading the mail bags, 22 fell into the dock. All were recovered but suffered damage. The mail received cachets explaining the reason for the damage. This cover has the Hoggarth & Gwynn Type 3 cachet, a violet two line ‘DOOR ZEEWATER / BESCHADIGD’ According to Hoggarth & Gwynn, this cachet was used only for mail to Alkmaar, but this cover is going to Tilburg, 125 km away. Although 22 bags fell in to the dock, very few covers have been recorded with this cachet.