Shipwreck - 1898 Manawatu

Ref: G5309
  • £1600.00

MANAWATU 1898. On April 27 1898 the 183 ton Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand S S Manawatu, that operated between Melbourne and Tasmania, suddenly changed course and hit the steamer Edina amidships. The Manawatu sank off Williamstown, near Melbourne. Only three covers are known from this wreck, this one being the one illustrated in Hoggarth & Gwynn. All three have a manuscript endorsement ‘Recovered from wreck of Manawatu.’ This advertising cover from Bendigo (26 AP) to Cressy, Tasmania, has the original letter. It was resealed in Launceston Post Office with a wax seal. A very fine and extremely rare shipwreck cover.