Shipwreck - 1907 S S Dakota

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“S.S. DAKOTA” 1907. On 3 March 1907, the American steamer ‘Dakota’, owned by the United States Great Northern Railway Company, was wrecked two miles from Noshima Lighthouse, near Tokyo, Japan, while on a voyage from Seattle to Yokohama and then Hong Kong. Of the two hundred and ninety nine bags of mail the ‘Dakota’ was carrying, the majority was saved by the 7th March. However eighty bags were washed ashore and this mail was damaged by being soaked by sea water. A number of different types of labels or hand stamp were used on this mail to signify why it had arrived damaged. This cover from Germany to Japan has a red cachet ‘Received by Dakota.’ This was applied in Tokyo. A Japanese Officially Sealed label is on the back of the cover along with a Kobe 10.8.07 receiving cancel. Although there was a lot of recovered mail, covers from this incident are now rarely seen or encountered.