Shipwreck - AVA

Ref: G3881
  • £450.00

AVA’ 1858. The P. & O. Steamer ‘Ava’ had been chartered by the Government to take treasure from Madras, India, to Trincomalee, Ceylon. She was also carrying passengers and post. At 4 p.m. on the 15th February she sailed from Madras, and the following afternoon, the 16th February, the captain, seeing a light and houses on the shore, believed he was approaching Trincomalee harbour. He altered course towards the land, and shortly after, without any warning, struck unseen rocks. He was in fact, seventy nine miles from Trincomalee harbour. The seventy passengers were put into boats and navigated to Trincomalee, arriving there the following afternoon. The ‘Ava’ meanwhile broke her back and sank, becoming a total loss. The mail was submerged and was only salvaged six weeks later. This water damaged cover from Madras to Edinburgh has an India Paid cachet and London MR 11 58 transit c.d.s. on the front. On the back is a very fine trike of the SALVED FROM THE WRECK OF THE AVA cachet and an Edinburgh MY 12 58 arrival cancel.