Shipwreck -Green Hill Park

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“GREENHILL PARK” 1945. The 10,000 ton freighter ‘Greenhill Park’, owned by Park Steamships Limited and operated by the Canadian Shipping Company, was docked and unloading near downtown Vancouver on Tuesday, March 6, when just before midday an explosion occurred on board. After the first blast she was towed out into Burrard Inlet, burning badly. A further three explosions rocked buildings up to a mile and a half away. The fire was believed to have started at the stern of the ship in number 3 hold, but spread quickly to number 2 and 4 holds. At the time of unloading, 150 men were on board the “Greenhill Park’, and eight were killed. It would appear as though the ‘Greenhill Park’ had been due to sail for Australia, as the recovered mail is all addressed to that country. It is not know how much mail she was carrying but the mail that survived received either a three line black cachet ‘SALVAGED FROM / SHIP FIRE / VANCOUVER BC.’ or an enclosure from the Director of Postal Services, Vancouver, explaining the reason for the damage to the piece of mail. This cover has had the stamp washed off but the Edmonton cancel is a duplex slogan ‘HELP THE RED CROSS’