Shipwreck - Pomona

Ref: G3480
  • £1200.00

The steamer ‘Pomona’ of the Pacific Coast Steam Ship Company sailed from San Francisco on the morning of 17 March 1908 bound for Eureka. Due to rough weather the captain kept the Pomona within twomiles of the coast. At 6.30 p.m. she struck Monterey Rock, 60 miles north of San Francisco. The captain managed to back her off the rock but seeing she was taking in water fast made the decision to beach her on the shore a mile away. However she struck another submerged rock submerging the stern of the ship. Passengers and crew were saved. Although carrying a considerable number of mail bags, it was thought that all were lost. However four covers and this one card are known, all with very ‘washy’ pink cachets ‘FROM WRECK OF S.S.POMONA / MARCH 17 1908. A very fine example from this rare wreck, B.P.A. cert.