Shipwreck - 'S S Eider'

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‘S.S. ‘EIDER’ 1892.The Norddeutscher Lloyd steamer ‘Eider’, on a voyage from New York to Southampton, stranded on the Atherfield Ledge near St. Catherines Point, half a mile from the Isle of Wight, at 10 p.m .on the 31st January1892. It was first thought that the steamer was undamaged, and that she could be refloated. By the following evening it was decided to disembark the passengers, and at the same time some of the mail was also landed. The following day, the 2nd February, with the seas breaking over her and by now, leaking badly, the position of the ship became critical, with the aft holds which contained the remaining mail, full of water. On the morning of the 3rd, several sacks of mail were landed, these all being in a wet condition. In all there were three hundred and eighty six bags of mail for Southampton and ten bags for Bremen, Germany. All the remaining mailbags, with the exception of fifteen were removed by the 8th February. As the hold was under water, this had to be done by divers. The fifteen missing bags were eventually recovered by divers on the 2nd March. This cover, badly damaged by water and repaired, was posted at Philadelphia 20 JA 92. It transited through London 16 FE and arrived at Huddersfield 17 FE where it was resealed with tape. A boxed ‘Saved from wreck / of S S “EIDER” ‘ cachet is on the front of the cover.