Shipwreck - S S Jebba 1907

Ref: G5004
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S S JEBBA. The steam ship ‘Jebba’, a vessel of three thousand eight hundred and thirteen tons, belonging to the African Steam Ship Company, whilst on her homeward voyage from west Africa, ran ashore on Bolt Tail, a few miles west of Salcombe, Devon, in fog on 18th March. Although the vessel was a total loss, all the passengers and mail were taken off safely. All the mail received a two line hand stamp in violet saying ‘SALVED FROM / S S JEBBA. This cover from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Cork, Ireland, has the Type 2b cachet with the dropped and inverted second ‘S’. The original letter is with the cover with interesting contents, refers to arranging ‘Field Firing at Waterloo’ A Cork MR 20 07 arrival cancel is on the back.