Shipwreck - S S Jebba

Ref: G3638
  • £190.00

S S JEBBA 1907. The steam ship ‘Jebba’, a vessel of three thousand eight hundred and thirteen tons, belonging to the African Steam Ship Company, whilst on her homeward voyage from west Africa, ran ashore on Bolt Tail, a few miles west of Salcombe, Devon, in fog on 18th March. Although the vessel was a total loss, all the passengers and mail were taken off safely. All the mail received a two line hand stamp in violet saying ‘SALVED FROM / S S JEBBA.’ There were a number of different hand stamps that were applied to the mail, the main difference being in the spacing of the letters. This cover from LAGOS FE 25, has the Hoggarth & Gwynn type 2b cachet with the ‘dropped’ S S – the second ‘S’ being inverted.