Shipwreck - ' .S S Labrador' Hebrides

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‘S S LABRADOR’ 1899. The Dominion Liner ‘Labrador’, out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, while bound for Liverpool ran aground on the Mackenzie Rock, four miles from the Skerryvore lighthouse in the Hebrides in dense fog early on the morning of Wednesday February 28th 1899, and was totally wrecked. Bags of mail saved from the ‘Labrador’ were salvaged over a period of time, and followed different postal routes, some going to Glasgow and London, where a boxed ‘Damaged By Immersion In Sea water’ was applied. Some of the mail however went to Liverpool, where a more specific cachet was applied. This was a two line cachet‘RECOVERED FROM WRECK / OF S S ’LABRADOR’, struck in violet ink. This cover has a boxed cachet on the front, on the back is a ‘Found Open and Officially Sealed at P.O. GLASGOW’ label. A cover front with the two line cachet also accompanies the cover which has been repaired.