Shipwreck - 'S S Sussex'

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SHIPWRECK - SUSSEX 1916. The S.S. Sussex was torpedoed while crossing the English Channel between Folkstone and Dieppe on 24 March 1916 by the German submarine U-29. No casualty figures were released but it is believed to have been quite high, including a number of American passengers. Their deaths caused an outcry in the USA which led to a suspension of U-boat warfare in the North Atlantic between 8 May and 5 July 1916. Two mailbags were recovered, all of which were badly damaged by sea water. This 1d letter card to Calcutta, India, from Dulwich, cancelled 23 MR 16 has a boxed ‘DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN WATER’ cachet. Very unusual on a postal stationery item.