Shipwreck - S S Tahiti

Ref: G3628
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S.S.“ TAHITI ” 1930 On 18th August 1930, whilst en route from Wellington, New Zealand, to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, the British steamer ‘Tahiti’ was abandoned at 2.28 a.m. after a broken propeller had caused a rent, and water flooded the hold. The steamers Ventura and Penybryn, which had come to render assistance, took on board the passengers and crew of the ‘Tahiti’ and the majority of the letter mail. Nine bags were lost, as was the entire one hundred and thirty nine bags of newspapers, packages and parcel mail when the ship sank at 4.42 p.m. on the same day. This cover to England has a boxed ‘DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER I.S.’ that was applied on arrival. The cover has a tear on the front, but this is one of the more uncommon cachets.