Shipwreck - S S Yucatan (Alaska)

Ref: G5005
  • £850.00

S S YUCATAN. On February 6, 1910, whilst sailing south into Icy Strait in a snow storm, the ‘Yucatan’ hit an iceberg. The hull of the liner was ripped open, and the captain, realizing the extent of the damage headed her into Mud Bay, Chichagof Island, two miles from the scene of the accident. The passengers and crew were safely landed and the ‘Yucatan’ settled to the bottom shortly after. The mail she was carrying was salvaged and taken to land at the same time as the passengers. It was then transferred to Seattle, Washington, where it was forwarded. This cover from BERRY, ALASKA, JAN 28 1910, has a m/s ‘February 16 taken from sunken steamer Yucatan. Reached Seattle Feb 23 (Goose Island) Alaska.’ A rare cover from this incident with less than five covers recorded.