Shipwreck - 'Wairarapa'

Ref: G3651
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“WAIRARAPA” 1894 On 1st November 1894, the “Wairarapa”, a 1786 ton steamer of the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand, was traveling from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand. Due to dense fog she ran on to a reef and was totally wrecked at Great Barrier Island, about one mile east of Miners Head and thirty miles east of the New Zealand mainland, with the loss of 135 lives. The steamer ‘Argyle’ picked up the survivors and delivered them to Auckland the same day. She then returned to the wreck and recovered most of the mail by cutting a hole in the foredeck. She returned to Auckland on the 3rd November with a large portion of the recovered mail. Mail salvage operations lasted nearly three weeks. This cover from St. Andrews to Auckland (then forwarded to Napier (8 NOV) and again to Waipukurau 8 NOV) has a blue two line cachet ‘SAVED FROM WRECK OF THE / “WAIRARAPA”