Shipwreck - Yongala

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S. S. YONGALA. 1911 cover from Mackay, Queensland (22 MR 11) to Townsville that was on the S.S. Yongala, a 3664 ton single screw steamship owned by the Adelaide Steamship Company that ran into a cyclone on 23rd March and disappeared with the loss of 121 passengers and crew. Some cargo was found on the beach at Cape Bowling Green on 28th March and three bags of mail were washed up at Halifax Bay, 12 miles south of Ingham on April 8th. A three line violet ‘FOUND ON SEASHORE OF / HALIFAX BAY NEAR INGHAM / 8-4-11’ is on the cover. This is the only cover recorded from this incident and is illustrated in Australian Wreck Mail by Brian Peace.