South Africa

Ref: G3184
  • £125.00

1941 sent locally with a 1½d cancelled by a triangular 'C.T.' and a WAR TRAIN P O 22 IV 1941 datestamp. An additional strike of this canceller is at the foot of the cover. Also on the front of the cover is a violet '1st (Inf) Battalion, Railways and Harbours Brigade 22-4-1941' cachet. A travelling exhibition of South Africa's war effort, the War Train stopped at 38 towns between Cape Town in the south to Messina in the far north showing the fighting material and War supplies being produced by the Union. The War Train journey started in Johannesburg on March 22nd and Cape Town was the 23rd stop on this trip, the train arriving there on the 18th April and only leaving on the 23rd..