South Africa

Ref: G3186
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1941 cover to Claremont, Cape Town, with a pair of 1d's cancelled PIET RETIEF 26 MAR 41. Two WAR TRAIN 25 III 1941 cancels are on the cover along with a straight line ' DIRECTOR OF RECRUITING' h/s. A travelling exhibition of South Africa's war effort, the War Train stopped at 38 towns between Cape Town in the south to Messina in the far north showing the fighting material and War supplies being produced by the Union. The War Train journey started in Johannesburg on March 22nd and Piet Retief was the 4th stop on its' journey. This cover would have been posted on the train after it left Ermelo on the 25th March and entered the postal system the following day at Piet Retief when the train arrived at 08.00 a.m. It left a few hours later and arrived at Vryheid at 3.30 p.m that same afternoon. Piet Retief was one of the shortest stops on its' journey around South Africa.