South Africa

Ref: G3218
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1914 MARITZ REBELLION. 1914 envelope to East London,written by a native trooper (probably a batman) that has a large violet triple ring A.C.F. (Active Citizen Force) SEP 27 1914, QUEENSTOWN, INFANTRY REGT. (FIRST EASTERN RIFLES). A Cape Town 28 SEP 14 datestamp is also on the front of the cover. Mobilization took place after Maritz, along with De Wet, Bezuidenhout and General Beyers took up arms against the government of the Union to get independence from Britain after Maritz signed a treaty with the German Government on September 15. The Union government declared martial law on 12 October and forces loyal to the Union government under the command of Louis Botha and Jan Smuts proceeded to destroy the rebellion. General Maritz was defeated on 24 October and took refuge with the Germans. The Beyers commando was attacked and dispersed at Commissioners Drift on 28 October, after which Beyers joined forces with Kemp, but drowned in the Vaal River on 8 December. General De Wet was captured in Bechuanaland on 1 December 1914, with 52 others on a farm called Waterbury. The insurrection ended on 4 February 1915. This is a fine and rare cover from a South African trooper at the outbreak of the hostilities, one of very few known from this rebellion and possibly the only one recorded from an African trooper.