South Africa

Ref: G3953
  • £495.00

1920 advertising cover (Violin Maker, Dealer and Repairer) sent locally in Cape Town with a Kings Head 3d bisected to pay the recently introduced 1½d rate, cancelled CAPE TOWN 21 JUL 20. The 1½d rate come into effect on May 10 1920, and after a month, as there were no 1½d stamps until August, a shortage of ½d’s to make up the rate was apparent – particularly in the Transvaal. Bisected 1d’s are seen from various places to make the 1½d rate and were accepted by the postal authorities. This bisected 3d is the first I have seen. On the 21st June 1921 the rate was increased to 2d per ½ oz. A very rare cover and possibly unique.