Sudan - 2nd Suakin Expedition

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Second Suakin Expedition. 1885 envelope and original letter to Abergele, Wales, with a G.B. 2½d cancelled BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE EGYPT AP 15 85. Endorsed ‘English Mail’, the letter was written in Suakin. The British sent an expeditionary force under Lt-Gen Sir Gerald Graham, including an Indian contingent, to Suakin in March 1885. This fought two successful actions but failed to change the military situation and were withdrawn. A relief force under Sir Garnet Wolseley was dispatched but was unable to reach Khartoum before it fell and Gordon was killed. Sudan then passed completely under the control of the Mahdists. The writer says he and his men are due to leave the following morning at 5.00 a.m. to go to Handoot. An interesting and rare item from this campaign against the Mahdists.