Tanganyika - Rhodesia Flotilla Mail

Ref: P5229
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FLOTILLA MAIL. 1916 censored stampless envelope to London endorsed ‘On Active Service, Stamps not available’ cancelled by the rare ARMY POST OFFICE ‘2’ 30 OCT 16, NORTHERN RHODESIA datestamp. A very fine strike of the rare violet crown & anchor ‘PASSED BY CENSOR No. 26’ with the censors’ signature across. A Kasama 3 NOV 1916 transit cancel is on the back. The cover was sent by G S Tasker, 2502 of the Flotilla force. The Germans had three gunboats on Lake Tanganyika and the allies, concerned about the threat they offered, disassembled two British naval vessels in Cape Town and took them by rail, river and road to Lukuga on the Belgian side of Lake Tanganyika where they were reassembled. The British plan was successful with one of the German ships sunk, one captured and one the Germans scuttled. In two short engagements, the small motor boats attacked and defeated two of their German opponents. In the first action, on 26 December 1915 the Kingani was damaged and captured. In the second in July 1916 the small flotilla overwhelmed and sank the Hedwig von Wissmann. An exceptionally rare cover, only 15 recorded from the Flotilla members according to Drysdale and Pennycuick.